12mm Pushbutton Switches

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ITW Electronic Business Asia's Electromechanical Component - 12mm Pushbutton Switches Manufacturing

ITW Electronic Business Asia Co., Ltd. is a switch, fastener and connector manufacturer from Taiwan.

ITW Electronic Business Asia's electromechanical components, 12mm Pushbutton Switches, are suitable for the automotive, appliance, instrument, medical, construction, and IT industries. With both advanced technology and 46 years of experience, ITW Electronic Business Asia always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

12mm Pushbutton Switches

12mm 12M series

ITW Switches 12M Series is a miniature switch designed for rugged environments. The housing is stainless steel and aluminum alloy. ITW Switches 12M Series is available as maintained or momentary action, electro-mechanical operation with Gold or Silver plated contacts and terminals. It is ideal for a multitude of applications

12mm Miniature Panel Sealed Metal Pushbutton Switches


  • Momentary or Maintained Action
  • Stainless Steel/ Aluminum Housing
  • Ring Illumination
  • Variety of LED Colors
  • Panel Sealed to IP67
  • Gold or Silver Plated
  • Solder, PC Terminal


  • Communications
  • Hand-held Control Modules
  • Security Equipment
  • Food Processing
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Outdoor Controls
  • Transportation: Mass-transit, Lift Truck

Product Drawings

Pushbutton Switches Sealed Series  12M
Pushbutton Switches Sealed Series  12M
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  • 12mm Pushbutton Switches - Pushbutton Switches Sealed Series 48
    12mm Pushbutton Switches
    12mm 48 series

    ITW Switches 48 Series is a uniquely designed sealed miniature pushbutton switch. The silicone button and body can be panel mounted and terminated with a standard connector or mounted in a P.C. board. The switches come in two levels of sealing: a panel sealed oy version and a fully sealed version with epoxy sealed base. Both meet respective IP67 requirements. The buttons are available in seven different colors. All this at a very affordable price.

  • 12mm Pushbutton Switches - Pushbutton Switches 49
    12mm Pushbutton Switches
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    ITW Switches 49 Series is rugged, panel sealed, available with round or square bezels and LED lighted or non-lighted. Bushing mount or snap-in mounting available. Series 49 switches are ideal for demanding applications in harsh environments where water, moisture or dust are problematic.

  • 12mm Pushbutton Switches - Pushbutton Switches Sealed Series 48-SS
    12mm Pushbutton Switches
    12mm 48-SS series

    ITW Switches 48-SS Series uses a Hall-Effect sensor to achieve extremely long life, up to 1,000,000 cycles momentary. This switch is suited for harsh environments where long life and reliability are needed.

  • 12mm Pushbutton Switches - Pushbutton Switches Series 59
    12mm Pushbutton Switches
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    ITW Switches 59 Series, this rugged panel sealed pushbutton is made of a special high creep strength non-spark zinc alloy suitable for use in mining or other potentially explosive atmospheres where dust and moisture are problematic.

  • 12mm Pushbutton Switches - Pushbutton Switches Series 88 / 89
    12mm Pushbutton Switches
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    ITW Switches 12mm 88/89 Series pushbutton switches offer the utmost in choices of mounting styles, colors, terminations, lighting and momentary switching. ITW Switches 88/89 Series offers all these options in one compact package size.

  • 12mm
SnapAction Pushbutton - SA48 Snap Action Switch
    12mm 5A/28VDC SnapAction Pushbutton
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    ITW Switches 12mm SA48 Series snap action pushbutton switches offer the utmost in choices of mounting style, button colours, terminations, bezels, lighting and momentary or maintained switching. ITW Switches SA48 Series 12mm pushbutton switch is an extension to the 48 Series family of Miniature Pushbutton switches.

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