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Based in Taiwan, since 1970, ITW Lumex Switch is a leading manufacturer of switches, jumper, DIL, fastener, damper, connector and IC package solutions for various electronic components.

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ITW Lumex Switch ERG Service Introduction

ITW Electronic Business Asia Co., Ltd. is a ERG supplier and manufacturer with more than 50 years of experence. Since 1970, in the micro switch Industry, screw Industry, ITW Lumex Switch has been offering our customers high quality ERG production service. With both advanced technology and 50 years experience, ITW Lumex Switch always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Spectra DIL (SDS, SDC, SDD) 014 Series
    Spectra DIL (SDS, SDC, SDD) 014 Series
    Jumper Switches / DIP Switches

    A switchable jumper on 0.1" pitch that securely switches PCB track signals with a positive contact action.

  • Spectra C 023 (SCS-023) Series
    Spectra C 023 (SCS-023) Series
    Jumper Switches / DIP Switches

    Supplied in units of 1 thru 16 poles they provide an alternative to jumpers without the need for ‘parking pins’ on the PCB or exposed bare pins and are available with ON/OFF (JSA4), CHANGEOVER (JSC4), and CENTRE-OFF (JSK9) switch actions. All contacts can be supplied in ganged pairs. (See ordering code).

  • Spectra DIL (SDS, SDC, SDD) 023 Series
    Spectra DIL (SDS, SDC, SDD) 023 Series
    Jumper Switches / DIP Switches

    Longer units (up to 16 poles) save loading time on production. On development they can be cut with a modelling knife to achieve any combination required to provide flexible switching with the least routing on a PCB.

  • Jumper Switches
    Jumper Switches
    Jumper Switches / DIP Switches

    Reliable switching of the gold over nickel plated phosphor bronze contacts is assured with the 4 point wiping contact design. The contacts never rub over any plastic part and every one is tested before despatch. The positive detent action ensures good shock resistance and the deep 'V' slots securely locate any operating probe.

  • DIL Switch-16
    DIL Switch-16
    Jumper Switches / DIP Switches

    Jumper-Switch has been designed for use on hand or flow soldered and washed PCBs. The tight pin fit prevents any wicking. Users should evaluate that their particular processes are compatible with the unsealed contact design concept.

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