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ITW Lumex Switch/Connectors Warranty


ITW Lumex Switch/Connectors Warranty

Here are limited warranty of ITW Electronic Business Asia. Seller's products are warranted for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship, provided Buyer, within this warranty period, gives Seller written notice of any claim under this warranty and promptly returns the product prepaid in accordance with Seller's written authorization.

Seller will, at its sole election thereafter, refund the purchase price or repair or replace such product found, under the terms of this warranty, to be defective or not within Buyer's specification. This warranty does not include, nor does Seller assume responsibility for, defects or damage caused by misuse, abuse, alterations, service or repair by other, or failure to properly maintain this product. Seller is not guaranteeing any product for a specific use and that it is the customer's responsibility to determine suitability.

The buyer must give the seller reasonable investigation opportunity of all claims for compensation, and the product must not be returned to the seller until receive seller's approval.

All compensation claim to Seller's service and products are no more than the sale value of the Seller's service and products.

Warranty | Latching Push Button Switch | Pushbutton Switch Manufacturer | ITW Lumex Switch

Located in Taiwan since 1970, ITW Electronic Business Asia Co., Ltd. has been a pushbutton switches electronics manufacturer. Their main electronic components include, Push button switches, micro switches, push pins, rivets, clips, latches, fan fasteners, cpu, heat sink retaining component cpu and special screws, which have 19,000 granted and pending patents.

ITW EBA has over 50 years of experience in switches, fasteners, dampers, connectors, and IC package solutions. Well-known product brands include ITW Lumex Switch (Push Button Switches, Touch Switches, Micro Switches), ITW ERG Components (DIL Switches), ITW Fastex, and ITW ECPS. The coordination of our corporation's resources with the skill and ingenuity of our engineers provides customers with ITW advantages. ITW Lumex Switch is a premier fastener manufacturer and developer, with vast resources and knowledge in material and process technologies, offering a wide range of products for a variety of applications and industries.

ITW Lumex Switch's electronic components are suitable for the automotive, appliance, instrument, medical, construction, and IT industries, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, ITW Lumex Switch always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.