ITW Lumex Switch/ERG

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50 Years of Electronic Components | ITW Lumex Switch/ERG Supply | ITW Lumex Switch

Based in Taiwan, ITW Electronic Business Asia Co., Ltd., since 1970, is a leading manufacturer of ITW Lumex Switch/ERG for electronic components.

Electromechanical components such as switches, fasteners, dampers supplied with physical and ESD protection for sensitive electronic components, and barrier protection that resist all of nature's elements, including heat, fire, wind, UV, pests and allergens.

ITW Lumex Switch's electronic components are suitable for the automotive, appliance, instrument, medical, construction, and IT industries. With both advanced technology and 50 years of experience, ITW Lumex Switch always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

ITW Lumex Switch/ERG

ITW Lumex Switch
ITW Lumex Switch

ITW Lumex Switch are suitable for special purpose applications that require consistency, superior quality and long life.
We have:
◎ Pushbutton Switches.
◎ Touch Switches.
◎ Snap Switches (Micro Switches).
◎ Jumper/DIL Switches (ERG).
◎ Rocker Switches.
◎ Rotary Switches.
◎ Slide Switches.
◎ Solid State Switches.

  • Pushbutton Switches - Pushbutton Switches
    Pushbutton Switches

    ITW Lumex Switch Pushbuttons carry an industry leading 1 year warranty. These switches are suitable for special purpose applications that require consistency, superior quality and long life.

  • Touch Switches - Touch Switches
    Touch Switches

    ITW Lumex Switch Ø19mm, Ø22mm, Ø25mm, Ø30mm, Ø38mm Panel sealed metal touch switches.

  • Snap Switches - Snap Switches
    Snap Switches

    ITW Lumex Switch Snap Action Switches employ “butterfly contacts” which provide simultaneous switching of multiple circuits, self-cleaning contacts and which have contact design which is resistant to vibration. These switches are used in special purpose applications where consistency and long life are critical.

  • Jumper / DIL  Switches (ITW ERG) - Jumper / DIL  Switches
    Jumper / DIL Switches (ITW ERG)

    ITW ERG Components can provide unparalleled ease of operation along with our trademarked EIA color coded actuating sliders means that our extensive range of DIP switch products offers you everything you need. With unrivalled reliability and broad operating characteristics, these products provide excellent performance in a variety of applications.

  • Rocker Switches - Rocker Switches
    Rocker Switches

    ITW Lumex Switch Rocker Switches with independent circuitry can have a light activated on the face of the switch in both the on and off positions, which allows the switch to be found easily in the dark. With dependent circuitry, the light is activated only when the switch is on.