ITW Lumex Switch/ERG

ITW Lumex Switch / Based in Taiwan, since 1970, ITW Lumex Switch is a leading manufacturer of switches, jumper, DIL, fastener, damper, connector and IC package solutions for various electronic components.

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50 Years of Electronic Components | ITW Lumex Switch/ERG Supply | ITW Lumex Switch

Based in Taiwan, ITW Electronic Business Asia Co., Ltd., since 1970, is a leading manufacturer of ITW Lumex Switch/ERG for electronic components.

Electromechanical components such as switches, fasteners, dampers supplied with physical and ESD protection for sensitive electronic components, and barrier protection that resist all of nature's elements, including heat, fire, wind, UV, pests and allergens.

ITW Lumex Switch's electronic components are suitable for the automotive, appliance, instrument, medical, construction, and IT industries. With both advanced technology and 50 years of experience, ITW Lumex Switch always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

ITW Lumex Switch/ERG

ITW Lumex Switch
ITW Lumex Switch

ITW Lumex Switch is suitable for special purpose applications that require consistency, superior quality, and long life. Customer-back innovation is ITW’s expertise that solves customer’s pain point in any technical challenges and develop a solution for our customers. Here are the main switch products we offer:
> Pushbutton Switches
> Capacitive Touch Switches
> Micro Switches (Snap Action Switches)
> DIP/DIL Switches (ITW ERG/Jumper)
> Rocker Switches

  • Pushbutton Switches - Pushbutton Switches
    Pushbutton Switches

    What is a Push Button Switch? A push button switch is an electro-mechanical device that is activated by a press on the button. Operators can push the button to turn on (initiate) or off (break) the electrical circuit of an equipment. Momentary (non-latching) and maintained (latching) actions are the two mechanisms used in push button switches.ITW Lumex Switch's pushbutton switches have a variety of features to meet all kinds of customer requirements. A wide range of panel cutout are available: Ø12mm, Ø16mm, Ø19mm, and Ø22mm. At ITW Lumex switches you can always find completed switch features to match with your application. Key features include momentary function, maintained function, solder terminal, PC terminal, wire leads, gold contacts, waterproof (IP67), vandal resistant (IK10), plastic housing, metal housing, electro-mechanical, bushing mounting, snap-fit mounting, high current, and UL certified etc...#Metal Switch, #Plastic Switch, #Pushbutton Switch, # Push Button Switch, #Anti-Vandal Switch, #Vandal Resistant Switch, #Impact Resistant Switch, #Waterproof Switch, #Power Symbol Switch, #Indicator Switch, #Power Switch, #Solid State Switch, #LED Indicator, #Mini Switch, #Miniature Size Switch, #Mechanical Switch, #Contact Switch, #LED Switch, #Illuminated Switch, #Light Switch, #E-Switch, #Electronic Switch, #Start Switch, #Emergency Stop Switch, #Panel Switch, #Button Switch, #Icon Switch, #Signal Control Switch, #Door-Exit Button Switch And Push Switches.

  • Capacitive Touch Switches - Capacitive Touch Switches
    Capacitive Touch Switches

    What is a Capacitive Touch Switch? It is a touch switch activated by detecting changes in capacitance. The human body is electrically conductive and carries a small electrical charge. When human touches the switch surface, the electrical charge will be transferred from human skin to the switch. The electrical charge will then cause a change in capacitance of the switch. This capacitance change disturbs the existing electrical charge composed in the switch and changes its electricity flow. This is where and when capacitive switches receive the signal to trigger or execute an action. People may wonder why human body carries a tiny electrical charge. This is due to the human body contains water or in other words our body is mostly made up of water, and water contains charged ions which make it a perfect conductor of electricity.Capacitive touch switches are available at ITW Lumex Switch. These rugged electro touch switches feature capacitive sensing mechanism and allow users to activate device by a simple touch on the surface of the switch. Like using smart phones, capacitive touch function can always make switching easy, simple, and fashionable!#Capacitive touch switch, #Contact switch, #Touch switch, #Capacitive switch and capacitor switch.

  • Micro Switches - Micro Switches
    Micro Switches

    A micro switch, also known as miniature snap-action switch, is a sensitive switch that is small size, low physical force to activate, and long-life. Micro switches are commonly used in many applications such as industrial, medical devices and automotive.ITW Lumex Switch carries several types of micro switches for customers to choose. Key features include gold contacts (long-life), variety of terminal/wirelead configurations, lever type, thermoplastic sealed case, IP 67 (Water & dust proof), SPDT-DB/DPDT-DB circuits, electrical rating up to 10A @ 28VDC, and UL certified.#Micro switch, #Miniature snap-action switch, #Limit switch and trigger switch.

  • Jumper / DIL  Switches (ITW ERG) - Jumper / DIL  Switches
    Jumper / DIL Switches (ITW ERG)

    What is a DIP switch? A DIP/DIL (dual in-line package) switch is a manual electromechanical switch that is designated to be mounted on a PCB (printed circuit board) to control the on/off mode of an electrical device. The “dual-in-line” refers to the contact pins underneath the DIP/DIL switch where these pins are arranged in two parallel rows. The structure of the pin arrangement displays the package of dual-in-line. At ITW Lumex Switch we often call these DIP/DIL switches as Jumper switches. In electronic and computing, jumper is also known as a conductor that is used to control the electronic circuit on a PCB.ITW ERG Components, a well-known DIP switch brand of ITW lumex Switch, can provide unparalleled ease of operation along with our trademarked EIA color coded actuating sliders meaning that our extensive range of DIP switch products offer you everything you need. With unrivalled reliability and broad operating characteristics, these products provide excellent performance in a variety of applications.#DIP switch, #DIL switch, #SIP switch, #jumper switch, #ITW ERG, #jumper wire switch, #PCB switch and sliding switch.

  • Rocker Switches - Rocker Switches
    Rocker Switches

    A rocker switch is an electrical ON/OFF switch that rocks back and forth when pressed, leaving one end raised and the other depressed. Rocker switches operate as a sea-saw and control the electrical circuit (to open and close).ITW Lumex Switch offers two rocker switch series. Both series (M372 & R271) are UL certified with snap-in panel mounting allowing these rocker switches to have highly consistent quality and fast assembly feature.#Rocker switch, #Paddle switch, #Household switch and see-saw switches