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Based in Taiwan, ITW Electronic Business Asia Co., Ltd., since 1970, is a leading manufacturer of for electronic components.

Electromechanical components such as switches, fasteners, dampers supplied with physical and ESD protection for sensitive electronic components, and barrier protection that resist all of nature's elements, including heat, fire, wind, UV, pests and allergens.

ITW Lumex Switch's electronic components are suitable for the automotive, appliance, instrument, medical, construction, and IT industries. With both advanced technology and 50 years of experience, ITW Lumex Switch always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.


Shakeproof™ Thread screw integrates SinuLOC™ wave feature at specific locations on an externally threaded fastener and allows the same fastener to be used in every steel application. The locking Shakeproof™ wave feature creates mechanical interference between internal and external threads to ensure that the fastener Simply Stays Tight regardless of its environment be vibration, shock or heat.

Shakeproof™ Thread Fastener Benefits

STACK-UP INDEPENDANT - The strategic spacing of the locking elements allows the same Shakeproof™ Threaded fastener to be used in multiple locations and stickups without regard to wave location.

LOWER COST - Shakeproof™ thread locking feature is created during the thread rolling process and eliminates costs incurred by secondary manufacturing, handling processes, added components or chemicals.

HIGHER QUALITY - Locking threads are created to standard tight thread rolling tolerances and are more consistent than nylon patches or other smashed thread screws. Downstream quality and mixing issues are also eliminated due to the elimination of secondary processing.

BETTER PERFORMANCE - Standard thread-tolerance clearances are filled with a precision engineered mechanical interference feature that eliminates the primary causes of screw self-loosening.

IMPROVED SERVICEABILITY - Performance is maintained through multiple service and reuse cycles. The Shakeproof™ Thread has been successfully tested over 30 reuse cycles.

Shakeproof™ Thread Fastener Application Parameters

The Shakeproof™ thread fastener was designed specifically for use in brass inserts or other standard tapped holes over four thread pitches deep.

Shakeproof™ Thread Fastener Availability

The Shakeproof™ thread screw is available in M5.0 and larger sizes. Standard lengths with a wafer head configuration are stocked for easy sampling.

Shakeproof™ Thread Fastener Availability Shakeproof™ Thread Fastener