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Based in Taiwan, ITW Electronic Business Asia Co., Ltd., since 1970, is a leading manufacturer of for electronic components.

Electromechanical components such as switches, fasteners, dampers supplied with physical and ESD protection for sensitive electronic components, and barrier protection that resist all of nature's elements, including heat, fire, wind, UV, pests and allergens.

ITW Electronic Business Asia's electronic components are suitable for the automotive, appliance, instrument, medical, construction, and IT industries. With both advanced technology and 50 years of experience, ITW Electronic Business Asia always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Cover Tape

Cover Tape

 Cover Tape-03
When it comes to reliability performance, carrier tape and cover tape system compatibility is extremely important. Our systems are simulated under hot and cold conditions to ensure they hold up under extreme weather conditions.  Cover Tape-02

 Cover Tape-04  Cover Tape-05


STi Cover Tape-01  STi Cover Tape-02  STi Cover Tape-03


ST Cover Tape-01  ST Cover Tape-02  ST Cover Tape-03