ITW Electronic Business Asia Co., Ltd. - ITW Electronic Business Asia - a premier fastener manufacturer and developer, with vast resources and knowledge in material and process technologies, offering a wide range of products for a variety of applications and industries.

Welcome to ITW Electronic Business Asia Co., Ltd.

ITWEBA, ITW Electronic Business Asia Co., Limited is one of the divisions of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), a global, Fortune 200, highly engineered components and systems diversified manufacturing company. ITW EBA is a manufacturing and engineering function to support Asia customers and selling office of ITW brands of:
- ITW Switches
- ITW Fastex
- EBA Connector

ITW Switches has been a manufacturer of high quality switch products including sealed, snap-action, pushbutton, rocker, rotary, micro switch and slide switches since 1954. ITW Switches provides switching solutions for OEMS in the Military, Aerospace, Transportation and Industrial markets worldwide.

ITW Erg Components can provide the answer for an easy way of DIP switch solution to set codes and parameters, along with our trade-mark EIA colour coded actuating sliders.

ITW Fastex (fastener, damper) A professional Fastener and Damper supplier for 3C industry.

EBA Connectors is dedicated for automotive industry. EBA Connectors can save your time and money to meet your specific needs.

ITW ECPSA solution provider for electronic packaging and IC/chips packaging of Carrier tape, Tube and Tray to our customers globally.
- TnR : Tape and Reel system - Carrier tape, cover tape & shipping reels
- Tube : Shipping tube
- Tray : Jedec Tray

  • ITW Switches/ERG

    ITW Switches/ERG

    ITW Switches provides a series of switches for waterproof with aesthetics and durability for your application. ITW Switches manufactures a wide variety of proprietary standard, and custom electrical switches - push, rocker, paddle, slide, leaf, snap action, and sealed - for worldwide markets.

  • ITW Fasteners/Damper

    ITW Fasteners/Damper

    ITW Fastener (Fastex) has more than 1,000's of standard products through multiple resources internationally to meet customers' requirements. Meanwhile, ITW Fastener (Fastex) also focus on solving customer problems and developing products for specific inquiries by very quick project turn-around, short lead time, local manufacturing, and global service, logistics capability.

  • EBA Connectors

    EBA Connectors

    EBA Connectors is dedicated to developing innovative connectivity solutions for automotive industry by partnering with key customers and distributors. EBA Connectors can save your time and money by designing and manufacturing custom interconnect products to meet your specific needs.

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